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My son is on his second run with this. The dosage was 4xday. Start slowly with one before a meal and go up over several days. Took about 2weeks to level out. It caused son to be moody because he was sleepy. Found this out the hard way when he had to be off several days because pharmacy closed. I immediately started him on high dose again after 3-4 days off and it was not a pretty picture so backed off and started more slowly which worked much better!


Now he takes one before every meal and at bedtime. Pharmacist said we could work up to 8 a day but have not tried that yet.

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Our DS 12 started on this when he was 11. He's about 80 lbs and takes 1mg before bed. I never noticed any obvious changes either way, but our new pediatrician is evaluating all his supplements (we're trying to reduce them) and is keeping him on it at the same dose, so she must think its an important one.


We saw an anger reaction with Benadryl and never gave it to him again.


What does your LLMD say about the reaction?

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