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So this past week week dd son has this new tic of having to check his belly button. He saids that if it bleeds he could die. I point to mine and touch it and he has some issues. I tell hom it's ok and that nothing will happen. Throughout the weak he said it fells wet. Like maybe it could be blood. I continue to say now way. During this time he knows and believes me but says mom it's one of those things I can't stop. The sad part is he's okay with it meaning it's not freaking him out I guess and he tells me and looks at me with those eyes saying I can't stop. I ask what if you don't look and he says then I have to bend forward which j have seen him do. So I definetly know this a tic and a new one that I have never seen. We have spoke about it and how silly it is with him not bleeding to death but he can't stop. So he got tested for strep several weeks ago and was fine. There has to be something causing this! He seems so strong yet I am freaking out!!


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