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Questions for PANDAS doctors

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I also have family members with a history of TS or tics - my husband being one of them and my cousin's daughter who is 7 has had on-going tics for over a year (the tics just recently stopped). My ds8 has been recently diagnosed with PANS (Dr. T.) even though we have a history of tics in the family. I do not believe the 2 are mutually exclusive. Dr T. told me that there is also the possibility that my husband has PANS and that would not surprise me in the least. For 11 years I had no idea my husband even had any tics...only when my son began ticcing did I make the connection. My husbands tics were very mild but have been the worst I have ever seen them this past year. Our entire family has tested positive for Myco. P in Aug and my husband was the only family member whose results showed the Myco P. is chronic so who knows, maybe this is why his tics have been worse this year. My point is that just because there is a history of tics in the family, this does not indicate that there is a greater chance that your child has TS over PANDAS. I would consider seeing an expert for a second opinion.

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