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Anti DNase B strep levels

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Hi all,

So we have been going through the process of getting us all tested to see our levels of MycoP and strep as per Dr. B's suggestion. My DD8 who has PANDAS may possibly be considered a low strep responder and her anti d-nase level is 168 with the normal range of 0-170.


Now, my DD4 was just tested and her Anti D-nase level came back as HIGH at 104 with the range of 0-70.


What determines the difference in range? Is it just age? I don't know why but that just seems to be odd to me. Do they expect kids to get more and more antibodies to strep as they get older simply because they are exposed so often? Would this high level mean that she has been exposed more then the "typical" 4 year old? I've been suspecting chronic strep in her because of her constant supper stinky breath :)



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Bumping in case anyone can help... Does this high level of ANti D nase mean that my little one HAS strep? I'm trying to figure out if I need to peruse getting her treated. Thank you!

I don't know why the different ranges for different ages.

You really can't tell much from one titer measure. A single elevated titer measure means there has been a recent past infection or some exposure, or possibly current infection. Most doctors would, I think, say that that titer is "not that elevated." What you really need to do is retest in a few weeks to see if the titers are rising or falling. Rising titer means infection, falling means convalescing.

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