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list of lab tests

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Hi does anybody have a current list of what labs should be drawn. Anyone have Dr. Trifiletti's recent tests he requests.



Thanks so much.

My children have been off of antibiotics for some time and something is definitely brewing in them. I would like to know what labs to request other than ASO Anti-Dnase B, Mycoplasma.


thank you

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EBV, C. Albicans IGM, IGG, IGA

In my daughter's case I check sed rate, c-reactive protein, liver functions, ANA, DNA (DS) Antibody, CMP, CBC, Circulating Immune Complexes, and of course the ones you mentioned.


This is not Dr T's list of labs - can't help you there.


Sorry to hear something is brewing again - right there with ya. It seems it never ends!

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Two years on Augmentin XR and doing great! Now facial tic starting this week. Heading to the ped for yearly check-up and going to ask for labs. My ped is great to order, but I need too explain why. Can anyone tell me what labs they get and why? I have read the above posts, but it would helpful to know why certain ones are needed. Thanks!!!

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