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Protest at Boston Children;s Hospital Tomorrow!

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Hi everyone.Hopefully you have heard by now that there is a protest being held for the next 3 days at BCH! There is a child in the hospital that has PANDAS/PANS/LYME and custody has been taken away from her parents for no good reason. We are protesting for her and ALL PANDAS/PANS/Lyme kids that have been mistreated and not treated and we hope this will start to change things in this area! please like this page https://www.facebook...eeelizabethwray and read more. We think this is a day of change and could help all of our kids! I personally brought my son here and was told "absolutely not PANDAS" and "stay off the internet" and he was diagnosed at the NIH 3 months later. So this could have been us just as easily as this family. Please share tweet contact everyone you know about whats going on here. Today is the day to push this out there. All are welcome to attend the protest and details are on the page I gave. Thanks so much!

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