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I was wondering if anyone uses Nystain while on long term abx? I believe it is for yeast overgrowth mainly but wasn't sure if it can be used to try and prevent C. Diff also. Has anyone experienced side effect on Nystain in PANDAS kids?



We've used nystatin pretty consistently for several years to prevent yeast. We've not had problems w/ c-diff, but not sure that has anything to do w/ the nystatin. We do have frequent vag. yeast, which we treat w/ diflucan.

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Hi. My daughter is on her third day of Nystatin and can't get out of bed. She is herxing from it. The same thing happened in August when she was first put on it. We stopped it mid- Sept to run some stool tests. In August, the herx lasted about a week (if I remember correctly). Symptoms: severe headache, nausea,joint pain, difficulty talking, and increased behavioral symptoms. My dd reacts to all meds/supps though. This is most likely die-off from the yeast.

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We used/use Nystatin or Diflucan depending on yeast symptoms almost year round. My youngest son battles yeast. He also has GI problems with Cdiff but is prescribed flagyl for cdiff. Nystatin is much gentler on the body and you can use it for longer periods with very little side effects, Diflucan treats fungal infections systemically and is much harder on the liver and should not be used longterm. Honestly its very hard to have to resort to these additional abx but they do help tremendously. Flagyl is scary period but it has been a miracle drug for my son it works like I imagine prozac would work if he didn't have PANDAS.


If you are treating yeast and cdiff you may want to try sach b. SACH B buy by name or also found in floraster helps both yeast and cdiff. The good yeast in Sach B crowds them out per our dr.

Sach B can also cause die off reaction initially. Another natural option is adding olive leaf extract which is not as effective as the abx and keep up with multi strain probiotics or single strain whatever works for your individual child.


Treating the GI infections will cause herxing for a few days I start low and slow and provide detox support to minimize his discomfort.


So to answer your questions yes we use nystatin it is necessary to help maintain his health, it will cause mild to moderate side effects initially but helpful in the end.

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Nystatin will not help c diff, in fact I would argue that it could "almost" be a contributing factor toward the development of c diff. The gut microbes have a limited amount of space in which to "live". When you kill one microbe off (nystatin kills yeast), you make room for another to move in it's place (such as c diff, klebsiella or even strains of gut-related strep). We were on the same merry-go-round of abx mentioned above (and antifungals, etc.), high dose probiotics, etc. In the end it all got out of control and we stopped all abx and now only give homeopathic remedies for all infections, which has been very successful.


My advice about nystatin is to use lots and lots of probiotics when you choose to go after gut microbes. At one point my boys were taking 1.25 trillion cfu's of probiotics, although I don't think most kids would require such a high amount.


By the way, if you go with sacc b as your probiotic, you should give it away from nystatin b/c nystatin could potentially kill sacc b (which is a "good" yeast).

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