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Saturday night alone

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Ds, 13, just left the house at 7:45 p.m. to go combine corn with his father. For so many years of his development he would not go with his dad because he had to be with me. :(


For anyone not from an agricultural background, harvest is both hard work and a minicelebration. For kids in a farm family, especially boys, it is fun. All the big equipment is being used, the grain is being put in the trucks or bins, and going to the mill means getting to help unload the corn or beans. The older the child, the more they get to do. My husband drove his first tractor at seven, his first combine at twelve and his first tractor trailer at sixteen. There are a lot of life skills learned at this time of year.


For the last six years, my son has not wanted to participate. If he went with his dad, it was under duress. Now, he can't wait to go! In the last few weeks, he has helped change oil in tractors, picked up corn left behind by the combine, and went to the grain mill a few times.


I feel like I am getting my son and family back. All I can say is that I hope this lasts because it is so wonderful. I will never take this feeling, or his health, for granted.


I just wanted to share my happiness with some parents who really get it!



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