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Frequent urination question

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In hindsight, I believe my son's first symptoms of PANDAS was frequent urination. I took him to doc thinking it was a UTI. It wasn't. They checked for diabetes and sent his urine off for culture just to make sure the rapid UTI test was correct. Long story short- he has had times where he urinates frequently an then times when he doesn't. One thing I've noticed is that when he is frequently urinating his urine has a horrible odor to it. I've taken him to the pediatrician and they've done more testing. The only thing the pediatrician came up with was that his PH of his urine was high. Anyone have any insight on this?

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We also had frequent urination and high urine PH at the beginning of our PANS journey. We were fortunate at that time to be referred to a nutritionist that understood how to normalize PHs via detoxing the body. So, for over two years we have been tracking our kids saliva and urine PHs all while being on a daily detox regimen.


The way she explain abnormal PHs to me was to make the analogy to a fish tank. When a fish tank is appropriately oxygenated and the PH Balance is normal there is no excess bacterial growth, the tank remains clean and fish thrive. When the PH is off and/or not properly oxygenated the tank turns typically green, bacteria thrive and fish have difficulty surviving. Our internal body PHs are very similar in concept.


What we eventually discovered is our children suffered from multiple chronic infections that triggered their PANS. Bacteria throw off tons of toxins. These toxins then cause the body to be more acidic creating an environment ripe for further infection. Our laundry list of infection ended up being long and kids were very acidic.


There are some good books on body PHs. Most of them recommend specific diets to normalize PH and most food I'd probably never get my kids to eat on a regular basis and why helping the body to detox made more sense.


Anyway, I would keep looking for chronic infections not typically found in urine like Mycoplasma, Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, Viruses, Yeast/Parasites (via comprehensive stool analysis), etc. I am sure you've already checked for strep. If you search the forum there is a ton of good information on detox but a good start is drinking lemon water. Eliminate all sugary drinks 'very acidic'... Switch to green juices if possible like Green Goodness and Naked Green Drink as they have a ton of detoxing green foods in them and much more alkaline.


Edit: Normal urine PH is 6.2 There is a wonderful Lyme Dr. that talks about the need to normalize PHs as well and his name is Dr. Klinghardt... Here is some information from him and we follow the saliva and urine PH guideline outlined by him.


pH - normal pH for urine is 6.2 with .2 up or down fluctuation (6.0 to 6.4). It should go up and down within that range. Saliva pH should be around 6.7 or between 6.5 and 6.9. Often times the difference between the two is too narrow or there is an inversion/reversal. When the saliva pH is higher than the urine pH, acids are not getting out. Longer term, this could be a sign of kidney failure. When one has an inversion, homeopathic 12x Phosphorous or Standard Process Phosfood may be good options.



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