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bahavior change with abx?

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I'm really struggling right now with a couple of things.


First, DD4 got her first cold in the beginning of September after stopping abx in July (due to her growth stopping while on pen & she is allergic to anything amoxil). Of course, before the physical symptoms started, she got a facial tic for two days that increased in severity that gave us the head's up of something on the horizon. The next day she woke up with stuffiness, coughing, bit of fever, etc., and surprisingly, the tic had stopped.


Three weeks later, she was still trying to fight off cold - tested neg for strep both rapid and lab (but no PANDAS symptoms). We took her in and she was prescribed 7 days of biaxin for sinus and chest infection.


24 hours later, physical symptoms started to get better and she could breathe better, but her behavior went off the charts. She started whining, fighting, getting physically aggressive, lack of impulse control,lining things up, repeating, unable to focus - it was like her "old pandas" self we had in the spring.


I know her immune system is whacky and given that she had a tic in the beginning of getting sick is a clear sign that we are not in the clear. But I'm confused over why that would disappear, then behaviors start with abx starting? Is this related to the pandas cycle, or are we dealing with something different. She is gathering quite a history of negative reactions to abx (serum sickness, no growth, abdominal pain, allergic reactions), I'm scared we are going to be out of options soon...


Any insights would be greatly appreciated :)

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i cannot say that i think this is your situation also, only that i see some similarities to what we experienced and will tell you our story. . .


my ds, now8 then 4.5, had sudden onset behavioral changes. our ped at the time was useless. while trying to figure things out, we were also seeing a naturopath, who had ds on some supplements and homeopathy -- we had seen some improvements . a behavioral therapist is the one who suggested pandas and blood testing. titers came back high and throat culture was positive. ds also had a history of trouble with, i think augmentin -- he had a slight rash 2x and was quickly switched, so i'm not sure how serious it could have been or if not too much trouble. ped put him on azith for 5 days. we saw a return of symptoms that had improved with a vengenance - and i'm talking serious vengenance!. i was so happy when that 5 days ended! he improved off the abx, but was still very much symptomatic. we switched peds. new ped put him on 30 days of keflex. he had 100% remission in about 3 days. trouble was - it didn't last - he backslide about 30 days off abx.


the new ped also did CT scan that found all 6 sinus caviites infected. we later went on to find lyme and viral infections. i can't remember b/c it has been a while -- i think there may be some suggestion that azith may cause a herx reaction in people with lyme. i don't really know why the keflex did the trick. for a while i thought it was just that different kids did better/worse on different abx. i'm not sure how the lyme plays in and if that was the reason for the bad reaction or if it is really just different kids/different abx.


i don't know abxs so i'm not sure about biaxin but am sure there are some here that know much info about the different abx. if you don't get many answers here -- you could post asking for more info about biaxin -- what it is used to treatg and what type of reactions/side effects people have experienced.


good luck!!

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