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5-MTHFR and Methyl B-12

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My son is taking methyl B-12 shots (.09 ml every 3 days) for methylation and 5-MTHFR 5 mg. (by Thorne) for 5-MTHFR mutation. He has one C877T mutation. At his last appointment I questioned it he needed to be on the 5 mg. dosage of 5-MTHFR (instead of the 1 mg. dosage) and the doctor's assist said he needed to be on the higher dosage. But I read of one person on the internet who became very anxious on even the 1 mg. dosage. I was wondering what dosage 5-MTHFR your children are on, what brand, and if you are taking methyl B12 shots with it. If taking methyl B12 shots, what dosage? Thanks!

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My DD has one C677 mutation - she's 8, 50lbs. She takes 200 micro grams every other day. At one point, she was taking 800 mcg every day and was nuts - bipolar, angry, sad, anxious. It was horrible. We stopped everything for a week to do a urine test and she got better. So we re-started and found this very low dose to be the most helpful. She uses Yasko's Methylmate liquid drops. She used to take a methlB-12 tablet sublingually but it never seemed to make a difference one way or the other.


I take 800mcg of Metagenix methylfolate daily. No methylB12. I've taken less and didn't feel as good as when I take 800mcg. I've never taken more.



You can browse www.mthfr,net for some useful info. There's apparently no way to tell what an individual needs. Everyone seems to be unique in their needs. Your best guide is probably how your son feels. If he's feeling agitated, angry, anxious - try scaling back. If he feels good, it may be the right dose.

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My DD16 takes 10 mg L-methylfolate by Metabolic Maintenance. She is homozygous 677 MTHFR. We took her off it for a week about a month ago because we were switching DD to Leucovorin (didn't think L-Methylfolate was helping) and wanted to see what she was like without anything since we titrated up so very slowly. Within a few days DD became very moody and more anxious. Clearly the L-Methylfolate was helping so we put her back on it. I may still switch her to Leucovorin to see the difference but this time I will make an immediate switch.


DD takes B12 nasal spray as well as B1, B2, B3, and B6 supplements.

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My son is heterozygous 677 and 1298 MTHFR gene. He takes .3 ml of compounded Methyl B12 sublingual daily (he refuses to take the injectable, but this is the oral version). He also takes Thorne MethylGuard 2 caps daily.


My daughter is homozygous for the 677 MTHFR gene. She takes .3 ml of injectable Methyl B12 3x/week and 2 MethylGuard daily.


I know others have reported over-methylation symptoms, but this is not the case with my children.

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