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Minocycline is frequently used as an alternative to doxy. But, I, too have not heard of weight gain with doxy.


Does she have acute lyme or chronic? If it's chronic, I'd get to an LLMD instead of guessing. There is a protocol, and it also may be more than just lyme (could be co-infections, as well.)

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My LLMD started me on Doxy, but I had major photosensitivity, so she switched me to Cefuroxime (maybe that is the same as Ceftin others are talking about). She also added Metornidazole (Flaygl) two weeks on/two weeks off. And just recently, she added Rifampin to those two.

I believe the Rifampin also treats Bartonella...which she suspects I may have, even though tests have been negative.


Both of my children are on a different combo: one is Zithromax/Bactrim the other Zithromax/Biaxin.


What other drugs are used for Lyme besides Doxy. My sister for sure has Lyme but does not want to go on Doxy cause of weight gain. We are going to doctors now and they will treat her but I need suggestions first. Thanks

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