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Is manganese bad for tics?


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I was thinking about taking glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM because my knees have been hurting and I want to see if that helps. However, this particular type also has manganese:




I thought I remembered reading something on here about manganese exacerbating tics so I thought I better hold off on taking it before I ask here.


There are other brands that don't include manganese but my mom has the one I posted above and I can try hers for free (rather than buying a bottle of it myself), but if manganese is a no-no for tics I think I'll pass.




edit - we can't post pics here? Click this link then: http://i.imgur.com/mWf9V.jpg

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Yes...stay away from manganese. Wonder Bread has lots of manganese, and is really bad for kids with tics or any neurological things going on. Stay away from Wonder Bread, until they change their formula and remove manganese. That includes their hotdog buns and hamburger buns. Too much manganese. Manganese causes tics to go crazy in kids with tic disorders, even mild tic disorders. The manganese impacts on them really badly. Also, there are other brands of breads, even whole wheat bread, that lists 100% manganese for 1 slice, which is way too much. I only buy bread that lists zero percent manganese in it, or the natural bread from Ace Bakery, or the Whole Foods bread made in their bakery. I don't remember if it's Dempters or another brand, but it has way too much manganese, and I totally stay away from it. Also, there is a cereal called Bran Buds, that has way too much manganese in it. Whenever my child would take it, he would react horribly.

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I've seen manganese mentioned here. Might be worth searching.


Manganese does have noted health benefits. But it is also easy enough to get through common food sources (oats, brown rice, chick peas, … ).


It's in the multi I give my kids (2mg / 100%) and has had no perceived adverse affects. Even when they probably get plenty of it through their diet.


I see stuff in the label posted above that I wouldn't put in my kids' bodies, let alone the manganese.


And wonder bread is simply unhealthy food. Shouldn't be in anyone's diet, in my opinion.


- Chris

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