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Any experience with testing plasma ceruloplasmin or treating high copp

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Have just been reading about high copper and testing plasma ceruloplasmin in regard to OCD symptoms. I'm wondering if anyone has a doctor who has ordered a copper or ceruloplasmin test, and if so which one... hair or blood test? My 10-year-old DS has PANDAS OCD. On reading about treatments to reduce copper levels (if he would have one) it seems that symptoms can become worse with zinc if it isn't replaced just right. I have read about 2 doctors on the Internet who offer testing and supplementation for a fee. Has anyone had any experience with either of them? I appreciate any info.

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has your reading been on the PANDAS board and you were hoping for answers from the OCD board? if not, you may want to check out the PANDAS board as there has been some discussion about copper over there.


we are working to reduce copper levels for my ds. really, it's not so much that he has high copper levels but he has normal copper but low-normal zinc so his copper/zinc is out of balance. it is something i thought could be a problem for a while but knew it was something i did not want to attempt with out a dr. who worked in this. do you mean the dr would test and treat over the internet or you found them on the internet but they would see your child in person for an appt?

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You need to find a biomedical, alternative medicine or DAN doctor. They understand how to treat high copper. There are supplements and chelation. The are the types of doctors who know most about it. My DS has high copper and is being treated by a biomedical doctor. They also will order the testing.


Edited to add: They are located in your area. You can find recommendations from families with kids that are on the spectrum.

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