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Looking for good LLMD


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I am looking for an LLMD in the NY or Michigan area, preferrably someone who also understands Pandas. DS8 tested positive to Igm for Myco P. and positive on 3 lyme bands (23, 41, 58). The entire family tested positive for Myco P. but I believe I also have Lyme. I have been to numerous doctors over the past decade for various symptoms - chronic fatigue, chronic diarrhea, chronic headaches, hair falling out, brain fog...for which I have been tested for many things but have never been given a diagnosis other than IBS. I also had intracranial hypertension when this all started (just after my son's birth). All of these symptoms started at the same time which leads me to believe that the lyme was likely dormant and surfaced 4 months after the birth of my son (I had a c-section) and very stressful delivery.


I'm Canadian, and therefore have no insurance. A few of you on the Pandas forum suggested the Bock Brothers which I have looked into, they seem to be exactly the type of doctor I would like to treat and help my son but they are very expensive and I'm not sure I need them for myself. Just wanted to weigh out my options a bit more so thought I would ask on the Lyme forum for any further suggestions.


I can check out some websites to locate LLMD's, but would like some personal experiences as that is important to me.


I appreciate everyone's help.



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