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Bizarre Neuro symptoms - school avoidance

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Hi Pandakid11 --

I repllied yesterday but maybe something went wrong with my computer...


I was just wondering if you thought it could be an OCD or a tic? Is he able to get into the building and go to class?


I too am having a difficult time getting my son to school . I am working on getting the school more involved with providing a tutor and getting someone to help transition him back to school. Can anyone in your school district help you?

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i just read about B6 deficiency having vague symptoms - involving shakiness and trouble walking. let me know if you want the exact quote.


i wonder if he could be having some problem with deficiency or something else - IDK , i.e. low blood sugar - that is exacerbated when the stress and anxiety of goiing to school hits.


last year, i would walk ds into school. he would hold my hand - 5 feet before the buidling and 5 feet into the buidling i felt like i was getting a contact adrenaline rush from him. i can only imagine what was surging through his, at the time, about 45 lb body.


that could be why you don't see it so prominently most of the time, but see it at that time -- ??

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