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What about fruit sugars?

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Is the sugar in fruit also a common trigger for tics or just processed sugars like white, brown and corn sugars? What about honey? I've done my best to eliminate all the junk sugars from dd's diet but she LOVES fruits and I've been letting her have some honey on her gluten free waffles. Do I need to reduce the intake of these sweet fruits and honey as well to check for sugar sensitivity? Thanks! And hope all your children are having a wonderful tic reduced/free day :) (or a great day regardless).

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It really depends on the individual, so it is trila and error. fruit sugars are not in the same group as the refined and artificial sugars are.


My son always did fine with honey and *pure* maple syrup as well as many fruits. He also did fine with pure turbinado cane sugar

Avoid anything though that is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup!


Some people are salicylate sensitive and so cannot eat fruits that are high in those. Others have varied sensitivities to other fruits....so again it really is a case of try and note reaction. Eliminate and note....then re-introduce and note. You should see a clear pattern if any fruit is specifically a problem tic trigger

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