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as you all know my son has been in a very mild tic state for some years now, which we attribute to both the natural passage of the "hormone years" as well as the elimination of toxins/irritants etc from his system and the introduction of an optimized nutritional plan with complementary acupuncture/biofeedback




it came as quite a surprise to us when he started on some major waxing, especially of the vocal tics, last month

Initially we attributed it to maybe being related to the changes we have had to make to his supplements etc because of his recent dx of Crohn's


our acupuncture therapist as well as the chiro were spot on when they mentioned teeth! based on the meridiens that he seemd to be sensitive on


sure enough

although there is no pain or anything like that associated

my son has swelling of his gums in the area of the wisdom teeth (he will be 17 in Dec)


now for those of you who have had contact with me over the years, you know teeth issues have always been a major tic trigger for my son, and here again, even with just the gum swelling and no other issues, yet his tics are up (as are the crohn's symptoms)


we are hoping that the wisdoms will come thru with no need for intervention (other than the enhanced acupuncture/biofeedback to help in this area) as dental surgery could bring a whole heap more probs with all my son's med sensitivities etc


but it really has reminded me just how finely tuned our bodies are to our teeth!


I found this chart online http://www.drwolfe.com/html/Teeth-chart.html

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I totally believe it! It truly is amazing! I'm sorry your son is having a tough time and I hope this passes soon! I'm just realizing how disconnected Western medicine is - dentist, internist, eyes/ears/nose/throat, etc. When truly the body is so interconnected that what effects one aspect truly effects the whole body.



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I'm sorry to hear of more bumps in the road too. Your son will be in my prayers. :)


That young man's experience has been helpful to so many, but enough is enough!





I had a look at that chart. Wow, they left some lines out of the song. "The tooth bones connected to the toe bone."

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Interesting chart! As always you are both in my prayers, I hope all is going ok. I wanted to post really quick our experience with "teething" and my boys. Really with Kurt I don't know if it is a trigger or not...certainly when he was 7-9 years and he was getting several teeth so many things were a trigger for him that I may not have noticed that getting a tooth caused any waxing.


HOWEVER, I also have a son who just turned 8 and has been losing and getting teeth for about a year and teething is a trigger for him...now this is my son who does not have tics (ok, obviously he does, but they are soooo mild and if my older son did not tic I would NEVER in a million years know that my 8 year old has a tic while teething). He has one where he moves his top lip over his top teeth like he is stretching his nose, and may do a quiet HMMM, HMMM sound.


So maybe it is possible that many, many kids tic while getting teeth and most parents do not even realize it is a tic.

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that is what my son was doing couple of months ago..now both of his canine teeth can clearly been seen, he

has stop with that noise, but a cold couple of weeks ago left him clearing his throat so often..sometimes it can get to you..

The fact is he does have phlems in his throat but for you and me , it might be throat clearling every hour or so

but for him every half hour..


He is also extremely ticklish more ticklish then tickle me Elmo.

I have read from Handle.org that you can massage him to get use to these sensatiions.

Lately I will close all lights and in the dark..I would rub his tummy..

he would hold it..then his whole body shakes like from a sensory overload..

I told him to take a deep breath..he does..but only a little better..from shaking

so instead of laughing his head off..he tries to hold the laughters in and resulted in whole body shaking..

Luckily we were in the dark...otherwise..I would be uncomfortable seeing him shake..and he would also be embarass about it..I learn the trick of snuggling with him in the dark from sheila roger..only recently I see the wisdom. I am lot more comfortable with him and he is lot more comfortable with me..

He seems to be more relax with human contacts in the dark..maybe he is less conscious about the tics(however minor)


I hope this will help with his sensory issues.


He is also scare of the dark..but now he is learning to like the dark.. as well as some moment of fun with his dad. Good bonding..


Happy halloween...I hope he does not get scare by a vampire like last year..

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Well, the first of my son's wisdoms (lower left) has broken thru the gum and.........yep, my son's tics have stabilised! :)

Hopefully the other 3 teeth will be as easy and no surgery will be required.

We did add pantothenic acid and Royal Jelly back to his supplement regimin too, and I know that helped immediately to stop the bruxism/jaw snap tic that had re developed

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When he did hurt his cheek, what kind of supplement did you use that helped him stop that? Also, can you give me a dose/his weight at the time? I will not pursue this without a doctor's knowledge. My son is fine now but that is the tic or I guess OCD that has caused the worst problem in the past. I want to be prepared with another option if it comes back. Thanks!

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our psychiatrist had him on short term D-Phenylalanine to boost endorphins and it really helped (not L- as L phenyalanine stimulates dopamine=increased tics)

We had to special order it as most health stores etc only have L- or DL not just the pure D, which is specially made as it is not a naturally occurring form)


It cant be used for longer than 2 weeks at a time cos then tics may increase. But for the self injurious OCD related tics, it really helped my son. (we had him on it a total of 3 times on separate occasions, each time with immediate and postitive results) However, you should be sure your doc agrees with this as it isnt always suitable for all people


My son was 11 at the time and actually heavier then than now as he was still carrying all the weight that the Haldol had induced :D so I guess he was around 140lb


Serotonin is also beneficial in calming OCD induced self injurious tics. You can safely boost that with a daily 500mg Inositol, or, if your doctor approves, with 50mg 5HTP plus additional vit B6

(my son was on Inositol and 5HTP at the same time as the D-phenylalanine)




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I am glad to hear that your son's better. You have been doing a wonderful job and always on top of things.


Interesting connection between teeth and tics.


My son has a underbite and I wonder if this also contributed to his tics?



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This is intersting post as i recall checking my son's mouth some time last month and saw a couple of molars comming out . and His Tics started after a Strep infection. This adds one more factor to my kid's outbrust of Tics. Yesterday I was thinking Why would Magnisuim+ Calcium help Is it beacause body is using too much up for tooths and bones . And If the Tics are caused by defficency caused by creation of toots. It's just a long though in mind.

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hi kkver


actually, research has shown that people with Tourette Syndrome are deficient in magnesium, and that is why supplementing with mag helps them

Bonnie Grimaldi, who markets the successful BonTech range of supplements for TS, has done a great deal of research into this


here is a link to one of her papers


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