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I discovered a angry red doughnut size swelling with a center nodule on the inner aspect of my 13 yo son's leg a couple days ago. We brought him to urgent care, and he was diagnosed (by external exam only-- no culture) with MRSA infection (methicillin resistant staph infection) and put on doxycycline. He is on rifampin, zithromax, probenecid, augmentin xr and a bunch of anti-inflammatory supplements already. Does anyone have experience with this? My son's PANDAS symptoms have increased dramatically.




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How can they diagnose that with no culture. That is not right. you need another opinion. If it is MRSA youcanmess around with that and prob needs more attention. MRSA canbe contagious.....


Please det another opinion asap. It doesnt sound right. It may need draining, etc


my brother lost part of his leg from MRSA and was in the hospital on IV abx for 4 months.

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I too am surprised they dx'ed MRSA--that's serious and beyond what most urgent care places would take care of. If they thought that I am surprised they didn't immediately refer you to his PCP if during working hours or to the the ER if outside working hours. Once I took my DS to urgent care on a Saturday to get a strep test and they said they wouldn't treat for high fever and vomiting. So we had to go to the ER to find out he had strep.

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