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My DS9 has his first appointment scheduled at Jemsek Specialty Clinic in a few weeks. He is scheduled with Tara Fox, CNP, who I am told sees all the pediatric patients.


If you have have worked with Dr. Jemsek's clinic, especially Tara Fox, please PM me with your experience - good or bad. We are traveling from out of state because we want to see one of the best and it's important to me that it be worthwhile. Your candor is appreciated and your comments will be kept confidential.



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Hi, I know this thread is old, but I wondered if anyone can tell me whether taking my 6 year old with Lyme and pans to see Tara at the Jemsek clinic is a good idea. I've gotten mixed info about whether Jemsek treats PANS with IVIG or not, which is what he needs. He's a current patient of dr Charles ray jones for Lyme and dr Denis bouboulis for PANS, both in CT. We live near DC and would love to treat locally. Also wondering about possible insurance coverage for the IVIG part. Please PM me if that's more appropriate. Thanks!


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