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Hello everyone,

OK I am in a very frustrating spot right now... And could really use some words of wisdom!


My DD has been on zithromax for the past month-currently the infection we know she has and have been trying to fight is mycoplasma. We had an appointment with Dr. T 10 days ago and he said he wanted to do additional bloodwork to check for various things - coxsackie, low strep responder among others. He also wanted to see about changing her abx or continuing her on the zithromax. Well, as I said it's been 10 days and we have heard NOTHING from Dr. T. We have called and emailed and we get no response. His receptionist keeps saying "we'll give him the message" and "email again". Her abx are now done and we have no refill. I am so frustrated and don't understand what the issue is - I get that he is busy but we paid $450 for an appointment and have seen nothing from it!


Anyway, I have some unmixed Ceftin in the fridge and I'm getting desperate! :) Has anyone used Ceftin and if so, has it helped? Hurt? Any advice is MUCH appreciated!!


Thanks :)

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My son has PANDAS and has been on Ceftin for 4 months. His Doctor prefers Ceftin when Augmentin is not an option (which is not for my son due to allergies). He used to be on Zithromax but seemed to be getting worse and got Strep while on it, so we switched to Ceftin. When he has a flare we switch to Clindamyacin. Hope that helps and good luck!!

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