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Article on IVIG use in Canada

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Found this on my internet travels - interesting breakdown on IVIG use in Canada. PANDAS is discussed and is listed as a condition where IVIG would be indicated - not sure why things are still so hard here if this was discussed years ago? Docs listed on expert panel - not sure if anyone has any experience with them???



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When I approached our Ped Psychologist in Southern Ontario, I was told that in all likelyhood my daughter had PANDAS, but that she would not test titers - they would be high because of her recent infection. She also told me that we would not be eligible for IVIG unless my daughter was completely incapacitated, which she was not. Our PCP told me that a lyme diagnosis is just a money grab by the diagnosing doctor. Our health care system (one of the best in the world, I hear) is useless for lyme/PANS.

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