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Recommend a doctor in the Midwest

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Hi, I posted this under a title of find a doctor in Ohio, but feel only people who know doctors in Ohio may respond so I thought I would increase my geographical area with this thread (I have OCD and desperately want to find the possible right doctor for my son).


I was wondering if someone can recommend a Pandas doctor to diagnos and treat in Ohio area if my son has Pandas. I live between Toledo and Dayton. Anywhere in Ohio would work. Maybe Southern Mich, Indiana or Easton Illinois would work. If anybody has been treated successfully by a doctor in these areas and could reccommend one that would be great. Chicago is about 4.5 hours, Columbus Ohio is about 2 hours. Obviously closer is preferred, but would drive farther if doctor's expertise is that much greater.


I am kind of looking for some personnel referrals. If two or three people can tell me that the best doctor in the Midwest is in Chicago and they saw him/her and that they helped their child reduce their symptoms significantly I will drive there. Likewise if a couple people say they have seen a doctor in Columbus Ohio and they helped their child I would go there. Can anybody give a recommendation on a doctor?

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One of the Pandas specialists is in Chicago. He's actually been treating Pandas longer than most. Here's his website:


As I understand it, his preferred protocol is to treat initially with abx but feels IVIG is often needed. He also does not often explore other triggers beyond strep, which for some parents has been an important piece of the puzzle. But in the world of conventional medicine where finding a supportive doctor is extremely difficult, he's been a life saver for many.


Each Pandas doc seems to have a different protocol, so you as a parent need to decide what you are and aren't comfortable with. It's not always a matter of going to the closest one. A "standard of care" is still evolving. Would you prefer long term abx or moving quickly to IVIG? Do you want to focus on strep only or cast a wide net of testing? Do you want to work with someone who is well within conventional medicine or work with someone who takes an integrative, albeit less conventional approach? It may be too early for you to answer these questions but it's something to keep in mind. Many parents end up seeing more than one doctor as they work with one and then decide it's time to try a different approach. There's no single answer.


I've not worked directly with Dr K so perhaps others here who have can offer you insight either on this thread or in a private message.

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Our son was diagnosed just about a year ago and has been treated by Dr. Kovacevic in Chicago and Dr. Kriwinsky in Cleveland, OH. His symptoms currently are 95% improved. Dr. Kriwinsky and our son appeared on Channel 3 in Cleveland discussing PANS in Feb. 2012...you might find this of interest http://www.wkyc.com/news/article/231545/267/Dr-Jan-Kirwinsky--Greg-Davidson-PANS-Disease-22012?fb_ref=artsharetop


Dr. Kriwinsky and several of the Cleveland PANDAS parents are also featured in this video we produced for a benefit concert in February:

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