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Ceruloplasmin. Why test it's level?

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There is a disease, Wilson's, that has to do with copper storage in the body- it can cause symptoms that are VERY pandas-like. Low ceruloplasmin is associated with Wilson's, but I do think SOMEWHERE (maybe not a reliable source) I read that person with mental illnesses- schizophrenia, OCD, etc- may have higher than normal ceruloplasmin.

So I think he checks for it to make sure that you are not dealing with Wilson's.

This was one of the first tests my dear family doctor did when PANS hit my daughter hard.

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yes, involved with wilsons - but also for copper generally in the system. there are two types of copper -- attached to protein and free. i can't recall right now b/c i don't have paperwork in front of me-- i think, a general dr will use this to check for wilsons (also valuable to do). other docs use it to see copper levels and determine if they think there may be copper overload or zinc/copper imbalance. there is a way to check free copper and i think you need ceruloplasmin to do it.


check out copper search from a few months ago and there will be some links i can't recall right now.-- i have seen studies with criminal populations and i think there is one with autism indicating inappropriate copper ratios.


there is a fabulous House episode where the woman has undetected wilsons with great lines,something like. . . . "psychopathy is not a symptom" "perhpas psychopathy is a symptom"



dr t -- never ceases to amaze me! he's on the ball!! did you ask him why he's testing it?

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Here's a link to a study "High ceruloplasmin levels are associated with obsessive compulsive disorder: a case control study"



I would be interested in hearing from others who have had this tested in their children, and the results. Please keep me posted!


We are in SW Florida. I don't know that our ped would order it. Where is this doctor? Sounds like a keeper!!

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