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18 month Classical Homeopathy update

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So I glanced at the date on the computer this morning and noticed that it has been 18 months today since we switched from standard pandas tx to classical homeopathy. My boys continue to do well with their constitutional remedies and strep nosodes when strep comes around. In fact, we have strep in the house right now and all 4 of us are taking a sip of the strep nosode a few times a day. PANDAS sx (theirs and mine) and sore throats are very much under control.


For those who don't know our story (and because I know I will be asked), my boys are 4 and 7 and they have had pandas since they were 15 and 20 months. They had all the severe textbook symptoms and my youngest had a few more sx that would flare with strep (opsoclonus/myoclonus movements, chiari malformation, loss of appetite, chronic impetigo). My youngest (although never officially tested/diagnosed) probably fell somewhere in the moderate classic autism range. We tried IVIG, steroids, multiple abx, spironolactone, LDN and tons and tons of supplements. While we had the best possible pandas doctors around, they continued to be challenging cases and in some ways, they continued to get worse. Also, the antibiotics just stopped working over time. I also have some of the textbook pandas sx when I get strep (mostly emotional lability, some ocd).


My boys now only take fiber, probiotics and vit c. Every other day I "juice" for them and on the other days they take "Juice Plus". One of my sons takes Quinton Isotonic Minerals. They have each only needed one round of abx in the last 18 months, and that was only b/c I did not realize that they had strep (thought it was the flu b/c they had no pandas sx for that particular strep infection) until the illness got out of control, landing them both in the ER with super high fevers and a ruptured ear drum where abx were started immediately. Now I start the strep nosode for each illness.


I'm not gonna sugar coat this. Our lives are much easier than they were, but we are not cured yet and my boys still have physical illnesses which take up much of my time. While 99% of the mental issues are under control (in fact, I could go on and on all day about the gains they have made, they would make your head spin), it is common for homeopathy to push the issues off the "mental plane" and onto the "physical plane". So when my boys get sick they get asthma/bronchitis or severe ear infections/perforations or profuse vomitting (sometimes dehydration) sometimes with high fevers which keep me up all night trying to control. Part of this is a "detox" reaction which occurs whenever I make a change (change their remedy, increase the potency of their remedy, or start "juicing" again after a long break) and part of it is me waiting too long to start the strep nosode. And "in theory", over time these physical illnesses should die down as their bodies continue to heal. Also, we are considering "clearing" some issues with vaccine nosodes, but I am not in a hurry at this point. This is called "CEASE therapy", which you could google if you wish. My oldest son may need to clear the MMR vaccine and my youngest may need to clear the DTaP vaccine. Our homeopath feels that some of the immune issues may have started with these vaccines.


Also, my youngest had autism and still has some speech apraxia (wouldn't look at or speak to anyone when we would go out in public, and often wouldn't look at anyone he knew outside the home). He now initiates communication and looks and waves at people when we are out. He recently gave my brother a hug for the first time (one week after starting his new remedy which has been the best one for him yet...carcinosin). In the past he wouldn't even LOOK at my brother, now he runs up to him and throws his arms around him! Simply amazing:). My husband and I had multiple health issues which are all gone or are very much managed.


A few other questions I always get asked when I update on my boys :) :


My boys were not tested for lyme disease but I have multiple reasons to believe that we all had/have it.

Our remedies...Eli takes Ignatia, I take Ignatia, Bradley takes Carcinosin (formerly Thuja) and my husband takes Thuja. We all take a strep nosode when illness enters the picture, usually strep pyogenes. There are many many remedies which are good for pandas and i don't recommend self-prescribing.

Here is the website of the homeopath that we use (she can consult via skype, you don't have to travel to NYC):



I hope this helps or gives hope :)

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