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My Poor Little Boy


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Hi There


Well, we have been back in Taiwan now for a month and my little boys legs have started up again. Again he is telling me that his legs are crazy. It has been 6 weeks since it last stopped


I am beginning to think now there is something more serious wrong with him now. Has anyone ever taken their kid to the doctor about the tics and the doctor has diagnosed them with Multiple Scheloris or Spasticity or some other "Disease" or "Syndrome".


Things that may have been a trigger this time:


I have avoided all the foods that he was eating when this last happened, so I don't know...


He only takes a multivitamin but it has been irregular since we got back over the past month.


He did catch a cold at the beginning of last week and I had to take him to the doctor, sore throat and coughing, so I am wondering if it is PANDAS. He received antibiotics, but they only ever give 3 days worth of medicine here and the cold did clear up. But I am begnining to wonder about this as when his squeak noise started on Christmas day last year he also had a bit of a sore throat but he didn't go to the doctors. The squeak lasted nearly a month until the legs took over. He also had the leg thing going back in October, but I can't recall him having a sore throat or cold then...



He has been running everywhere and when he runs, he doesn't do his frog step. I think he knows this and this is why he runs everywhere. I asked him where his legs feel uncomfortable and he pointed to his thighs, calves and ankles. I aksed him if he feels he want to move his leg or if it just happens and he said it just happens. He said he tries to relax like i told him, but it still happens.


All three times that it has happened, it has "just started". He just very noticable started walking weird. He will walk fine for a while and then he starts doing a kind of frog step and this can vary sometimes from just once or to many frog steps in a row. It looks quite distressing to watch him walk this way. It kind of scares you as he will walk normal and then, whammo, frog step. I was wondering with the parent who said her kid just started ticcing on the soccer field, what kind of things were happening?

But then it has also just subsided.


But if you only saw these frog steps, you would think there is something very wrong with him. Everything else about him is stll fine, he is doing great at school, he can make friends down the park, in fact he is usually the leader of the games.


I know with me, I still get a sensation to roll my ankle over outwards but I usually can releive this sensation when I push off in my walking motion. I also get a sensation to tense up my upper leg muscles sometimes. But these don't interfere with my walking action.


He is also having problems wearing socks and scrunches his toes up when I first put them on. I remember when I first got this, it was in Year 8 in High School after my mom bought me a new pair of school shoes. I just couldn't keep my toes still, and I still have that to today but not as bad as back then.


So I see quite a few similarities between us, but he seems to be worse. Like I said previously, my mum said she never saw me walk like that. I don't think I ever did, but I had the weird leg tics.


So I will need to take him to the doctor as I think there is something very serious wrong with him that maybe he won't grow out of. I truly hope not. If anyone else has had anything similar or any other advise, please, thank you...



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I am so sorry that your son is having symptoms. There is so much sadness in your posts. I hope in the midst of this stressful time, you can fine some peace and strength within you, so you can help your son along this difficult time.


You mentioned alot of your son's symptoms, can you also include some of the alternative treatments or supplements that you have tried. Maybe some of us here can help.


When my son first had his acute onset, i was filled with saddness and fear, so i can relate to your sorrow. But remember, many of the parents here do see much improvements trying alternative treatments, so don't give up. Larensmom has bumped a recent post on tics/ts statistics and is very encouraging. Most people with tics/ts do get better, such as yourself.



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