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Loose Tooth for Long Time

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Ds8 has had tics since Feb (started with being sick)....even though the tics are milder than the initial onset, they are definitely still around. He has had a tooth that looks like it is moving in an outward direction (it's almost pointing forward). It's been like this for at least 3 months, possibly even 4 or 5 months, and is only slightly loose. Each month it looks as though it has moved further outward. Initiallly I thought the adult tooth was pushing the baby tooth out and it would eventually fall, but that isn't happening.


Could this be causing some of his ticcing and is it smart to have it pulled? I'm not even sure my dentist would pull it out but if this is the culprit of his suffering, I would rather end it quickly. If a loose tooth can cause Pandas symptoms, can pulling a tooth create even more adverse Pandas symptoms?

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For my son, loose teeth coincided with PANDAS flares seemingly every single time. For his last few baby teeth, we had the dentist pull them as soon as they were the slightest bit loose. I'm not sure he was completely onboard with the connection between loose teeth and neurological symptoms, but he agreed to do it, and that is all we cared about.


Prior to getting the tooth pulled, we would give an extra dose of antibiotics and there didn't seem to be any negative consequences.

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I would pull it. - for a number of reasons - putting dirty fingers in mouth to play with it could cause infection, or raise immune response to germs. Having constant thing bugging him in mouth could form habit of scraching at gums. Our dental flare were usually just flares (like most on the site - a few days, and about 20-50% ) - not full blown exacerbations - and I think having it for a long time would be worse than getting it out of there with a somewhat deeper wound - but mouths heal fast.


My son had a gum infection. And after reading a bit on it, I learned that trauma to the mouth illicits a different kind of immune response and much higher level of cytokines. There's also the link between periodonatal disease and heart disease - which many believe is because they are both caused by the same autoimmune response (and theres strep in your mouth).


Thats my two cents- Good luck!


I'd give some advil and antibiotics before and after for a day or two, if you aren't already

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