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LLM, looking forward to hearing about your experience with the Niacin when you have time. Thanks!


I posted some details in this post http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=18185. Niacin (very small amt) did stop a meltdown last week when my DD's over-zealous mom had apparently put too much methylfolate in her system :o B


I went back to the mthfr.net site and looked at the vitamins this doctor sells http://www.seekinghealth.com/optimal-multivitamin-240-vegetarian-capsules.html and got very confused, because on his other site, there's this discussion:

Niacin is wonderful for some people with MTHFR and others it is not.


The bottom line is this:

- if you suffer from methylfolate side effects, take niacin.

- if you have a COMT variant and you need to speed that mutation up to reduce your risk of anxiety or breast cancer, then a bit of niacin may be useful WHILE you are also supplementing with methyl donors – if needed.


So I added my own question to his forum:

Dr. Ben,

I’m confused about multivitamins – specifically Seeking Health’s Optimal Multi-vitamin. It contains 400mcg of l-methylfolate and metafolin, which I understand is a good dose for those treating a C677T polymorphism. Yet it also contains 95mg niacin/niacinamide, which is 475% of the RDA. If niacin uses up methyl groups, and your response from Aug 7th says to avoid it unless you’re trying to undo an overmethylation situation, then why would the Seeking Health multi-vitamin contain such a high amount of niacin?


I’m searching for a multivitamin that contains methylfolate (or at least doesn’t contain folic acid) as well as P-5-P yet the niacin has me confused. Thank you.


You can check in and see if he responds here: http://mthfr.net/forums/topic/mthfr-tt-suppliments-niacin-concern/#post-3130

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