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Help with labs please

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My LLMD ran labs on my 5 year old son. His WBC count continues to be low and has been since Feb. His WBC is 3.2 (was 3.5 two months ago). His neutrophils are also low at 0.9. He was diagnosed with PANDAS at age 2-3 with strep issues. Was diagnosed with Lyme in Feb. So far co-infections have tested normal except RMSF was IgG positive.


BUN/creatinine ratio is HIGH at 31


IgG seems OK at 956 (normal is 504-1464). Not sure how to interpret the subclasses- they are normal but some are in the lower range.


IgG1 572 normal (292-816)

IgG2 285 normal (83-513)

IgG3 52 normal (8-111)

IgG4 19 normal (1-121)



IgM is low at 18 normal (24-210)


His IgG was positive for parvovirus B19. It is 4.6 Negative is <0.91 and positive is >1.1. This is Fifth's disease and it was going around his school this spring, but he did not have it.


His tests for EBV and chlamydia pneumo, and HHV-6 were negative.


ANY help with interpreting these labs is so appreciated!



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