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Need smart PANDAS/LYME Moms to weigh in..

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Yes, it was for lyme by a very good LLMD. She was an "OCD (severe) only, some movements PANDAS-but-no-strep kid who had only Lyme and Babesia WA-1 found as a possible infectious cause" how is that for a description ?


So- PITANDS- already neuropsych, and not able to function much as a normal preteen due to OCD. After the Rocephin, she lost everything, literally- many basic faculties of life (reading, continence, speaking (almost total screaming), communicating sensically).


this was beg in Spring 2010.


NOW-- 2 years later and almost exactly 4 years post onset:

:D :D :D

after pex x 2, ivig, steroids and intensive ERP, augementin XR 1000 mg BID, many attempts at diff psych med (some were temporarily helpful)


my child is doing amazing. (still on Riluzole and Anafranil)


For anyone who has been on here awhile or knows us-- I know you do, smarty!-- you will understand the miraculous-ness of that statement

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