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Suggestions for getting rid of the strep

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I just received some lab results from our LLMD for my Non-PANDAS ds. He has been treated for lyme & co since 5/11. He is currently on Aug; Azith, Rifampin, GSE and Diflucan. Results are:


ASO 570

DNase 340


Last year his ASO was 1200 and I don't remember DNase off the top of my head. His numbers both times have been higher than our PANDAS dd. He has never exhibited PANDAS like behavior expect for two anxiety issues that remain: 1) he won't turn on the shower for himself and 2) last year he became unable to spend the night at friends' homes because of separation anxiety.


Our LLMD mentioned IVIG if his titers were still high. Our dd has monthly IVIG for a SAD/CVID dx. We are not ready to even consider this for our son. I could understand doing IVIG if he was heavily symptomatic but that is just not the case.


His lyme treatment is going well and we hope to be able to consider stopping the abx by the end of the year. He is starting to see no symptoms with the GSE. The only remaining symptom I notice is the weekly rashes since starting Rifampin in May.


I don't want to stop treatment until the strep is gone. Any suggestions for how to beat the remaining strep would be greatly appreciated.


For those "old timers" out there who know us from the PANDAS forum-my dd and I continue to be treated. Shae's is slow going because of her other health issues. I am still fighting an infection from the mastectomy and OMG has Flagyl kicked my butt! And my husband tested Igenex postive in May and started treatment last week.

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