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im scared

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i have been stessed for the entire day at school today. ive had a constant headache and i cant think straight. everyone was comming up to me asking if im alright and i just wanted to be left alone. i still have a headache now and im still really stressed.

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so sorry to hear you have had a hard day


PLEASE would you try to talk to one of your relatives about this, or to a counsellor at school, or to some adult that you can trust!


When one is stressed it can make OCD and related issues much worse.

Do try to breath very slowly and deeply as that also helps you to de-stress



It is so unneccessary for you to be suffering like this when finding help for OCD is relatively easy, and the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with a qualified psychologist could really help you so much!


(((Hugs))) to you and do send me a message if youwould like to


my thoughts and prayers are with you and please do try to talk to someone you can trust.

God Bless


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