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Ear infections

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I got some kind of ear infection about 2 months ago, and have been fighting it since. The doc thinks the infection is gone, but it still hurts...a lot, and even my BP went up the other day. Accupuncturist and chiropractor both believe there's infection, and even my asthma has been out of control for several months now (Dr. B. had said it is only out of control if there is an infection.) Is there some way to swab for infection in the ear, even if it doesn't look like there is anything there? It feels like it's in the eustacian tube. ENT said there was wax, and I've been treating for that, but I just feel pretty certain it's infection. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I am so sorry there is nothing like ear pain

My friends ear hurt for about a month and then they pulled a heap of goo

out and it was all fungus.. and I think cotton from a q tip her ear always iched

from somthing that she was eating??

so whatever is causing it might just be to far down for them to see yet?

I hope you feel better soon


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Sorry to hear you're going through this! Ear pain stinks!


My DS had one ear infection after another when he was younger, and the only time they were ever able to actually culture the fluid was when his ear drum would actually burst as a result and the fluid would drain out. So I'm not sure how you could actually get to the fluid, short of some sort of biopsy needle procedure, and do they do that? I know when we finally got my son the "ear tube" surgery at 3, to put those little grommets in his ear drums so the fluid could successfully drain out instead of collect in there, the ENT told us that there were definitely signs in there of chronic infection!


Can you get a prescription for abx and take them for another 10-20 days to make sure you've eradicated the infection? Maybe double down with some olive leaf?


Another thought is that you could try taking a cold/cough remedy (like Robotussin) with guiafenesin in it. Guiafenesin is an expectorant that actually breaks down mucus and phlegm, thins it out substantially, so that it can drain more easily via natural channels. It tastes nasty . . . very bitter . . . but we had some success with it when DS was suffering his chronic infections years ago.


Good luck, and feel better soon!

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An outer ear infection, they should be able to see signs of it. An inner ear infection, the only possible sign to be seen is a bulging ear drum. The only test that comes to mind would be a CBC checking for elevated white cells.


Ear pain coupled with out of control asthma makes it sound to me like it also could be allergies--yes allergies definitely can make asthma out of control. Allergies cause increased fluid in the ear canal pushing on the ear drum causing pain. They can even lead to reduced hearing or deafness in one or both ears. Check with your doc about what antihistamine he might recommend, and try it for a few weeks to see if your ear feels any better. Warm olive oil frequently works short term for the pain and ibuprofen might help as well.


My kiddo exhibited signs of an ear infection for months when she was pre-verbal. Pulling on the ear, rubbing her ear, etc.... I tried to get it across to her pedi over several visits that she had a problem with that ear. They looked in her ear and dismissed my concerns for months. I took her to an ENT specialist, he took one look in her ear, wanted to run a test that indicated ability of the ear drum to move freely as it should (required to hear sound), and told me that if the pedi considered her being completely deaf in that ear not a problem, then she did not have a problem. He prescribed an antihistamine for 30 days and on the recheck she had normal movement and appeared to have normal hearing again as well as all the symptoms resolved. We kept her on the antihistamine for a few years as it helped with her mild asthma as well. Had I not taken her to the specialist against my pedis wishes, hearing in that ear could have been permanently damaged.

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Sorry to hear about your ear pain. Thought you might be able to use our 'out of the ordinary' story. ;)


My son recently had green stuff coming out of his ear. Dr. said it was an inner ear infection. Tried a z-pac then amox. with some healing but not all the way, and then the other ear started bothering him. Dr. then decided that it was either staph or lyme in there and now he is on Rifampin for a few months (they believe parasites/bacteria etc. are drawn to certain areas on the body especially scar tissue). He seems to be doing fine now.


Hot drinks helped along with tylenol/ibu. Dr. said not to put q-tips in ears at all, so just used them on the outer edges to get stuff draining out. She also said that the normal wax in your ear actually has anti-bacterial properties so removing it is not a good idea...


Also, if allergies are high, you may want to check for mold in your home. Just our Personal experience. :) Good luck!

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My little one had tons of ear infections. We started using Nasonex, apparently it somehow helps dry up the fluid which can remain after the infections clears up. The fluid they say can cause pain too.

TPotter what are your thoughts about while we are there having DD see Dr B for asthma? She has mild asthma and rarely has issues, she sees a pulmonologist every three months. Since she is seeing Dr B/Jennifer once a month anyway, seems like it would make sense to have him monitor the asthma issue too.

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This is going to sound off the wall - my grandma taught me to use this with my children (ds had ear infections/fluid build up constantly). It was neat that the ND we see also suggested this. It works like a charm for us every time...


Slice an onion in half - put in oven for about 20 minutes. Let it cool to lukewarm, then place it over the affected ear while lying on your side (affected ear up :) ).


I think there are germ busters in the liquid of the onion - usually takes pain away for good. I have done a couple of onions for tough cases...

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions (I really like the onion idea, and will have to try it as a next step.) Saw the ENT again today, and he "vacuumed" my ear again with water, and said that now all the junk is clear from it, so the abx drops can work (saw evidence of infection.) Also gave me clindomycin. My fingers are crossed, because I am truly tired of the pain.

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