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IVIG & Immuno (Anyone doing Sub Q also?)

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Just completed 1st round of HDIVIG in ICU over 5 days. Ran Privigen 15 gms/12 hrs each day to prevent Aseptic Meningitis. Yes my son is one of those lucky ones! Things went pretty smooth while in hospital. Didn't have issues until 24 hrs after being home. Gave him Vicodin, Zofran, Benadryl then added gobs of Prednisone to the mix, that seems to be keeping it under control.

The Neuro took my son off of his abx, Clindamycin, for the time being, to see what results we gain from the IVIG, and how soon we need to do it again. Anyone do anything similar to this? How soon after IVIG do you see changes? How long do they last? We have seen changes in him already: major tics have disappeared, his irritability is gone, he is snuggly, doesn't mind being touched, less sensory, HAPPY, much calmer. Amazing differences! So glad that we finally were able to do this!


Jt also is infusing SCIG Hizentra weekly 6gms...anyone else doing HDIVIG and SCIG?

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