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Complaining Teeth Hurt

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My son has been on 20 months of azithro. More and more complaints coming from him lately the latest is he says his bottom teeth hurt. They are sensitive.


Anyone else have this issue come up with your child?


Going to dentist today which worries me since that alone could trigger PANDAS. Double edged sword this disease.

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Any adult teeth pushing in that could be causing pain? Any allergy or sinus issues. I know you said bottom teeth, but sometimes my bottom molars hurt when I have sinus issues. Can't explain it but it happens. Hope the DDS goes well!

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We've been dealing with teeth and gum issues for a few months now. Ds's molars are coming in (taking forever) and he developed a gum infection. At first i thouught it was a pandas thing - he was picking at his gums...then after dentist told me that molar coming in and gums red all over, he thought that he was irritating him by over brushing and using "total care" tooth paste..when switching tooth paste didn't help, perodontist thought might be herpes virus (which can present only on gume) but when that didn't resolve in a couple weeks (althouh by that point t had been going on for 4-6 weeks already) started to invsgtigate other stuff, gave DS a nasty tasting mouthwash, and after a deep cleaning and 10 days of mouth wash did nothing, finally gave him a course of penicillan -


Which by the way you cannot take with antibiotics like minocycline. So had to consult with other doc, etc to go off one and one the other.


Toward the end of the Pen, he had another flair and was picking them again. Took to another periodontist at UCSF - who took a look and compared to original photos, and said "looks like they at 90% better" its fine...


But on occassion DS still picking at them. So in retrospect - I think may have been right - he picked at them first because it was a pandas thing. Maybe set off from sensation of molar coming in, but then took on a life of itself.


Its hard to tell what came first chicken or egg. Because in my reading, the gums of people with this type of immune eficiencyy (my immunologist told me that gum infects that don't clear easily are usually found in people with defecinet neutrophils - looked up DS's old blood work, and he was on the boarderline for low in normal range the two times measured) that stress can set their gums off.


This has been a big set back for DS. There's all kind of strep and cytokine reactions in the mouth and of course as you know ...so all I can say is give advil before and after the exam, and ask the dentist not to irriate anything or cause any bleeding if possibe...I didn't mention pandas but did tell them that my son had mycoplama infection due to immune disorder that and that gum iirritation would most likely have systemic implications for him....and neurologic and psychological symptoms.


Good luck. let us know what the dentist sees in there.

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dentist said teeth look good and didn't feel antibiotics would make teeth hurt unless he was on tetracycline which he is not. She said tetracyline gets into bones likes to attach to calcium.


She said she can tell he is a teeth grinder and she thinks his teeth are sore because he is moving them by grinding teeth. Maybe even has TMJ.


What I didn't like is she said there is no treatment because its not a good idea to use any hardware in mouth like a mouthguard because it effects the development of the teeth. I feel I already overuse Ibuprofen and now his teeth hurt.


Also sold me a tube of ozonated toothpaste to fight bacteria in the mouth.


I tried to explain the best I could about strep and PANDAS. She got really paranoid when I asked if they could minimize bleeding and be cautious of any procedure that could cause bleeding like flossing. She said won't see your son again until I consult with his doctor to understand this disease.

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