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IVIG dose

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We started out with 1.5 g per kilo and then upped to 2.0 g per kilo with Dr. B, however more recently we have been doing 1 g per kilo every 3 weeks with another doctor and are getting it at home. Dr. B says that may work and build up immune system and keep infections at bay. 1 g isn't really considered low dose.

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well, this makes me nervous....as ours is 1 gm per kilogram and we have pandas/syndehams chorea.

well it was 2 g/kg over 2 days--

so it was 1 g/kg a day-

55 kg = 55 g Gammunex on Tuesday and 55 g Gammunes on Tuesday-


one daughter with tics and anorexia/OCD


the other with chorea and ocd

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