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7 Weeks post IVIG

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Well, of course this would happen. I knew it would as soon as I posted it.... Huge flare of anger, depression and OCD today. Crap. Well, good thing we have the next IVIG scheduled for next week. Hope this one helps and does the "magic bullet" trick. I'm so down right now. My dd is SO upset. Went through an hour of complete melt down. Just seems so hard to keep fighting this mess. Why won't it just go away and STAY away.... Oh, btw, she is still on abx. (Augmentin)


Hope everyone else is having a better day. Mine stunk. :(


Oh, gosh. I'm so sorry to hear this. Very glad that IVIG is coming soon. May all go as smoothly as possible and have lasting positive results. Hugs - Suzanne

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We were told to expect flips and it was probably part of the healing process. We have gone through that. It is hard to experence after having so much hope. Our daughter has always bounced back after a couple of days and continues to improve. I hope you have the same experience. Prayers for you and your family

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When we first did ivig with dr k in Chicago three years ago he urged us to wait to do another so quickly. He and other wise moms before me coached me and said it can take A YEAR for the brain to heal. Not what I wanted to hear. In the absence of a stair step recovery and flares of unbearable behavior I pushed for more ivig. In hindsight I cannot say that was the answer. It was only until we did our last one 15 months ago that I see holding improvements. For us, TIME was our friend. And back then I was convinced it was my enemy and it was a very tough road indeed. There's nothing worse than when your child is spiraling and you are grasping for more help. Sometimes more is not better, and continuing to support their immune systems, gut healing, detoxing, etc can further contribute to their healing. I know each situation is different, but when you're inthe eye of the storm it is never clear what to do next. Best wishes.

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