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I know I have mentioned this several times but need to vent

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So we took kids to the beach today. So right when we get there my sister takes the kids on these huge rocks to climb by the water and I am watching dd like no!! Don't let her do it as she is jumping and climbing from one to another. Ds has those swim shoes and he is more cautious while she is in flip flops trying to be like her brother. So she survived without injury. Anyway we are all talking for a minute and dd is gone. I search around and she is in the water. I go to her and say you have to tell us that you are going in. She says I did. Really no you didn't!!! She took off and lied and when I talk to her about it she won't look me in the eyes until I tell her to do I assume she is listening. Why do we always but heads. I feel like she is trying to torture me . She seems all wired running back and forth to the water. Then I buried her legs and she mentioned a towel for her head and says " go get it" that's what I want! I say their is a nicer way of asking for that and she rolls her eyes and finally gets a please out of her. She is not always like this at all. But with grandparents and an aunt around I feel like really do you have to be so bossy. I feel Like she just losses it at times. She acted like this last year. Could it be the whole different beach in Michigan that we only sk twice a year or what. It's strange but I could see in in her eyes. Like she is just wired!! But on the ride there and back she is fine. This is what kills me about these kids is I see them behave very nicely and have manners and then they lose it and I am like who are these children. What are these moments when she just goes and does not think about the consequence. Does not think that it could hurt her.


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Thanks for the replys. I needed that. They truly are great kids! I guess when I see dd from afar doing something that could hurt her mother bear comes out in me. Especially when she just wants to do what big brother is doing who is older and wiser. The whole time she was probably like yeah mom is not here to stop me and auntie is letting me do it so I better hurry and get it done! Yes they are kids and just want to have fun but of course j just wish she would slow down as she is doing it and that would make me feel better. I think I will lose many nights of sleep when she is a teen!! She is a go getter and always wants to be on top which like you mentioned is a very good thing. 23!! I have my work cut out for me:)


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