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Vacation advice, family member with Strep - help

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They say 24 hours on abx but "they" also say lots of things that don't turn out to be correct as we have found out, but is the whole family (parents) on abx? Not sure how long Strep lives on surfaces?. I find it impossible to avoid, as it is everywhere, but in a known situation like this where you can control it maybe better to reschedule? Would you really enjoy yourself anyway, worrying about it?

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I agree with hopeny. I would run in another direction. Your kids will probably be disappointed if you cancel so maybe you could quickly plan a few days somewhere else until you reschedule. Even though they may be on abx they may not be vigilant in changing their toothbrushes, etc.... and they could keep reinfecting themselfs. Also like hopeny said the parents or dog could also be infected. We have to be paranoid.

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