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do i have ocd please help

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im really scared i have it.


im really fussy with what i eat with. i have to eat with a fork and spoon with flowers on and if i cant find that fork or spoon i dont eat. somethimes i even cry.


i wear my earphones and u know they have a "L" for left and a "R" for right on each of the earphones i put them in my ear then take them out to make sure i have them in the right ears i keep having to check to make sure.


when i was yonger i ued to have my door ajar and i was lying in bed i looked to make sure me door was still ajar and when i looked i had to count to 3 and then breathe.


i cant do anything without someone with me


and if i dont like soemthing ill re-arange it


i hate dirt and cant touch anything dirty without gloves then i was my ahnds after. if i have to handle my brothers clothes i pick it up with two fingers then run to wash my hands afer.


i hung the washing out the other day and each piece of clothing i hung out had to ahve the same colour pegs on and i spent ages looking for the same colour pegs..


im scared to tell my parents. they've noticed how fussy ive been and they just shout at me but i cnat help what im doing and it makes me feel alone


xx ems xx

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OCD isnt something you need to be scared about. Millions of people live with it and manage to live normal fulfilled lives.


There are many ways to help make OCD less intrusive in your life. I would certainly recommend finding a good psychologist who has a caring and gentle nature and see if they feel that OCD is an accurate diagnosis for what you are experiencing and also then maybe start having Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help with it.


There are medications that are prescribed for OCD but sadly they do have the potential for side effects.


Many people have found great relief by using over the counter supplements for OCD


HTH :)

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