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Our LLMD advised us. He had us use CORE from Biopure, starting with one capsule/day and building up every 4 weeks until we were finally at 4 capsules/day. We did pause between moving from 1-2 due to a herx response, so we backed down to one for a few more weeks and then went back up to 2. We used a binder at the same time to capture/bind toxins that were cleared when the trans-sulfuration pathway started working better.


CORE contains zinc among other things, so if you have elevated copper, taking Core is going to address both your pyroulria and high copper at the same time. Zinc will chelate the copper (another reason to use a binding agent like chlorella, charcoal or bentonite clay). You may well see mood swings and PANS symptoms but motrin will help. Pyroluriacs should also take Primrose Oil (an Omega 6)for inflammation.


Here are two good articles



http://www.biobalance.org.au/_downloads/acnemjournalnov10.pdf (starts on Pg 3)


Tho we had the guidance of our LLMD and could run things by him with a phone call or email, we only saw him every two months and went through the process and daily ups and downs mostly with the help of people on the lyme forum who were going through it at the same time. If you have an integrative or DAN or LLMD, they'd be the ones best able to work with you. The improvements my son gained were immeasurable.

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