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After dealing with PANDAS for 2 years, I believe we are just realizing HOW BIG a role those #### shots played in this puzzle. I knew in my heart things went "odd" after each appointment. Last week a new Dr. Asked for our shot records because DS 12 antibodies to measels and mumps were off the chart. That is when I realized how many he actually had been given mixed together....9 vaccinations one day after his 1st birthday!!! Then for some reason he was given his MMR booster 3 MONTHS after the 1st (at the 15 month check up). That is when the odd behavior and ear infections began. However, he was my first and everyone said that the bejhavior was from jealosy over the 2nd son we had (2 weeks after those 15 month shots). BUT....I knew.....



I too can look at my dd records and notice resp illness or ear infections after every vaccine. Her first behaviors started shortly after the 15 month MMR but asthma started AS SOON AS I STOPPED nursing her. I always found that odd. She never had asthma before that, I do believe my nursing her was somewhat helping her severely taxed immune system. The good news is there can be a degree of healing, and foresight to not let any more damage be done. I just pray so hard parents will educate themselves and take a stand so these children are spared this suffering. It TRULY makes the most sense to me as to what happened to my daughter. I TRULY feel PANDAS/PANS is just on the spectrum of vaccine injury... somewhere between ADD and Autism. The behaviors fall right in line. Add in asthma, diabetes, arthritis, and allergies...... and nearly EVERY child is affected by autoimmune illness. The only autistic children found in the Amish community (which doesn' vaccinate) were the few that were vaccinated!!! That is huge! There needs to be more studies!!!! bottom line!

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I just wanted to chime in with my recent vaccine experience. If I had to do it all again I would spread out vaccines, avoid combos, and be smarter about how/when/and which vaccines we did. I would not let my doctor dictate the vaccination schedule, and I would not allow vaccinations when my child is ill. I would avoid tylenol with vaccines. But I would never go entirely without vaccines. Many of these diseases are still around and still deadly.


We are experiencing a pertussis outbreak in my area right now. And 2 years ago my friend's newborn daughter contracted pertussis. For several weeks it was unclear whether she would live or die. Thankfully she survived! Rubella has gone through the nearby mennonite community in recent years. And tetanus is alive and well in the soil. It doesn't need a human host to survive, so we will never get rid of it.


I declined to vaccinate my sheep flock because I felt the risk was extremely low on my small hobby farm. Oops. 3 weeks ago I watched a lamb die from tetanus. NOT A GOOD WAY TO GO! So I belatedly decided to vaccinate my sheep, and accidentally stuck myself with a dirty needle when a lamb kicked me. Then that same lamb died from tetanus a few days later. This was the point when I realized my own immunizations were badly out of date. I had to get a booster, but it takes up to 2 weeks to develop full immunity. So I also had to get donor antibodies (human immune globulin). And now I will have to be screened for hep A, B, C, and HIV since I have received a donated blood product. I know the risk is extremely low, but let me tell you I'm really wishing I had kept my immunizations up to date. Watching 2 lambs die from tetanus has really softened my opinion on vaccines.

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