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anyone know this I.D doc at childrens boston?

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Ok, so my dd11 has pandas, lyme and bart. and we got out of network approval for her to see one of the big pandas docs. he is great.

But now dd6 has lyme and babesia, and so far no to pandas. problem is her sisters pandas doc is the one that found the infections (thank goodness, everyone else said "she will grow out of it"), we did not expect him to glance at dd6 and be concerned, but he did and was really concerned. it was very on the spot, unplanned. so now insurance has denied and told me to see a certain infectious disease dr. L at childrens.

personally with my older one i never had luck at childrens, so i am asking that if anyone knows who i am talking about, or has anything to share, please let me know. I want dd6 to stay with the pandas doc, but i dont know, if anyone says "oh that doc at childrens is really good" them maybe i will make the app.


p.m. me if you dont want to post.


i will also post in pandas forum too




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I haven't heard of that doc based on the initials, perhaps if you post the full name that would help some identify them. Having the insurance company ask you to go to that doc is a clue that the doc won't be any good. More than likely, the insurance company has that person set up as the person who is paid to say that you don't need treatment.

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