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504 meeting today

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Had my 504 meeting today for my DS who is in charter school in Kindergarten- it went really well I think, I got all the accommodations I asked for. The school district had 2 compliance officers there so I despite a heads up from the teacher that the administration was unsure about "keeping" DS, the presence of the officers I guess had a real effect.


The ESE coordinator however has issues- not sure what her problem is- whether it is intentional or whether she really just doesn't get it. I was explaining how we are working on the OCD by having DS name it (He decided on "Goofy Face" so that he can fight against what it "tells" him to do. I explained CBT and that we are beginning to take steps with DS to help him understand what is going on and that he can "talk back" to the OCD. She wrote in the conference notes: "J hears a voice in his head that tells him to do bad things" UMMMMM OK??????? Of course I had her change it, but really???


Then the teacher tried to get me to put him on Ritalin. (The teacher has been great though, I do have to say). I have explained things to them, shared articles etc. Is it really so hard to understand compared to other issues? Maybe it is. Sigh. Thanks for letting me vent.


Here are the accommodations for those who may be interested.


Seated next to a positive role model

Cue student to stay on task

Check comprehension of directions before beginning task

Write assignments on the board, check for them in planner

Reduce homework as needed

Extra time for assignments and tests as needed

Provide a wide variety of lesson presentations

Arrange for breaks between assignments and as needed with a safe space or person

Bathroom breaks as needed

Teacher to explain sensitive topics that may induce OCD behaviors 1:1 after lesson (DS obsesses over topics like Stranger Danger (he is scared of being abducted) or like if you eat too many calories you will be "fat" (he is way too skinny already!)

Notify parent of strep or other serious illness in the classroom

Individualized Behavior Support Plan

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