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IVIG - did it help your child?

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We are at about 7-8 weeks post IVIG. The first week or two were very slow going showing very little improvement. During weeks 4-5 DS began showing about 25 percent improvement. Around 5-6 weeks things got better with his symptoms. Just returned from NIH a few days ago and DS has been doing great.


Like you I was so confused in the beginning when the PAN DAS symptoms appeared. It consumed our lives! With the advice on these forums it has been a God sent prayer as I now realize there are other kids out there going through the same things. You are not alone and the fact that you have found this site is telling of your commitment to you child! Prayers go out to you and your family!

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My son received seven IVIG during 2011 and YES it was Very helpful.

No more tics, no more Tourette and I guess no more brain inflammation .

He also was in the residential program of Rogers Memorial Hospital and in his case that was the special ingredient for him.....NO MORE OCD or anxiety.


He returned home two months ago and he is doing great!!! He's going to,school and he is recovering the last two years that he was so sick...now my son is living like any "normal teen" thanks God.



Pandasmex, are you the family that attended Dr L's talk at the OCD conference two summers ago??? Great to hear of your son's recovery!!! Thanks be to God.

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