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Lab Results .. need help to interpret

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We just got back the C4a and C3a test results back. I need help interpreting them


C4a - 5720 Ref range is 1 - 2830 HIGH

C3a -- 419 Ref range is 1 -940

What do they mean?

Is this test suggestive of Lyme?



Mycoplasma IGg - 437 Ref Range 0-99 HIGH


My DAN says the IGg is not high enough to suggest chronic Mycoplasma infection. But I have read otherwise. Anyone with higher numbers than these?



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Here is a link to the research paper that explains what each marker might indicate regarding lyme and mold, written by Dr Shoemaker.

It's been awhile since I read it, so I could have it wrong, but I seem to recall that high C3a was linked to lyme and high C4a could be either lyme or mold. But your best bet is to read the article and not rely on my poor memory.



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My C4a was 19,000!!


I really freaked. Kept waiting for my head to explode until my next LLMD appointment.


I was told it was an indicator of chronic Lyme, possibly mold involved.


To me, it is like the CD57 test- all pieces of the puzzle.


Haven't had a C4a test again (that was 9 months ago) but have been treating Lyme and co. ever since, and we went through a long mold protocol.


I also take 1,000 mg. a day of Longvida curcumin to help with inflammation.


FWIW, my daughter's C4a was in the normal range.

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Sorry, I wanted to add something about the C4a testing:

My test was sent to the Jewish Hospital (lab) where I got my 19,000 result.

We did a blood draw for my dd's to be sent there, the Jewish hospital lab screwed up the blood specimen, was told we had to do another blood draw.

Our LLMD's office at the time was far away (they did the draws there for the Jewish hospital lab)

None of the local labs in my area, labcorp or Quest, would do the draw and send it there-

I spoke to labcorp, they said they had changed their method on their C4a test, it would be the same as the others.

So, had another blood draw on dd for labcorp C4a, it came back normal, LLMD did not believe it,

but I refused to do a 3rd draw for this test (and pay for it.)


Also, on inflammation, about 3 months ago found out I have a high intolerance to gluten (not Cealic) went 100% gluten free, believe this also really helped inflammation.

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