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PANDAS question


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My son had started having eye tics over a month ago. He is almost 7. The eye movements seemed to go away but I suspect that he is using extreme facial gestures to cover up a tic. He is licking his lips a lot and he will stick his tongue to push out his checks and lips. Anyway, things aren't obvious but he is not the same before this all started. He is also moving around a lot more. (He can have a temper, but this is not new.) When I went to the doctor he agreed to do some tests to rule out a few things and I just spoke with the nurse today. I still need to talk to the doctor but I need some help. The nurse said that the tests came back negative for celiac, heavy metals, but one blood test showed that he had had a strep infection. My daughter had strep in March or April of this year but my son was not sick.


I don't understand about this PANDAS thing. Is there a test for PANDAS? If antibiotics are the only way to get rid of PANDAS and people test negative and then positive and how do you know if it's there or not? Does this strep linger in your body forever until it is gone from antibiotics? Can strep go away on its own? How do you know which antibiotic will work? How do you know strep remains in part of your body? How can you have a strep infection and not be sick? If my son does not test positive for strep throat culture is the strep gone? How can a blood test show you HAD a strep infection without there being an infection now? If it is PANDAS is this strep infection causing damage and can the damage be reversed?


In reading about PANDAS I keep seeing info about OCD. My son shows no sign of OCD.


If all this mess was from a strep infection and my son gets treatment, and the treatment works, can the problems just go away?



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I am in a bit of a rush so forgive my quick post. I will be back later with more details


YES one can have PANDAS ( Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections) without showing any signs of strep and when testing negative for strep throat. Some people are strep carriers and there are also different styrains of streptococcus other than just the one that leads to strep throat.


Although PANDAS can cause sudden onset OCD, it is also implicated in tic disorders, where OCD does not have to be present


The ONLY way to accurately test for this is with blood tests to assess elevated streptococcal antibodies (Anti-DNAse B and Antistreptolysin titers (ASO)). Also have your doctor do a throat culture of group A B-hemolytic strep. Ask that the specimen be cultured, not just the rapid test.


Treatment with the RIGHT antibiotic is the only way to treat this, and the tics usually diminish dramatically once the treatment is correctly done


stealth strep, as connected with PANDAS, does not just go away. It remains lurking in the body with no sign of strep infection, but causes all these other problems

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HI Simon :lol:


it is highly unlikely that you would be a PANDAS candidate, yet, I personally feel it is a good idea to still have the blood tests, if your insurance or finances can cover it, to be certain there is no strep lurking that could be agravating things for you

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