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Hi Lilly. Sorry, I don't know much about yeast or clostridia. But my DS has PANDAS and, as a result, began to display some ASD behaviors along with a primary behavior set that was OCD.


We've found that treating the underlying condition (in his case, strep and autoimmune response to it) has significantly diminished any ASD tendencies on his part. The rest of the puzzle we think has been helpful has been giving him supplements to help control excess levels of brain glutamate and protect the NMDA receptors from the excess glutamate. Amy Yasko talks about the role of glutamate in autism in her videos, and if you Google it, you'll find quite a bit of talk in this regard.


So, I assume you're going after the lyme aggressively, and she will hopefully show some improvement as a result. But perhaps you might want to look into these other things, as well. I do know that gut/yeast problems can be an issue for ASD kids, but the extent to which it is a primary concern, rather than a byproduct of antibiotic therapy, etc., I just don't know. Hopefully, someone else can chime in for you.


In the end, though, I think our kids with PANDAS/Lyme/PANs/etc. are sensitive to a whole host of things their bodies and minds come into contact with, and while their decline may be at the hands of a particular agent (like lyme or strep), after that, other things can become part of the mix and we sort of have to do what we can to wrap our brains around all the culprits and go at things as holistically as possible.

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Hi everyone.

My child appears to have lyme induced autism. She seems to come out of her little world when I treat her yeast, but it makes her so mean. I was wondering if this ever goes away??? Any suggestions?

Thanks. I was wondering if clostridia is also common with autistic children????



I just wanted to mention that the meanness might be a herx response, where it gets worse before it gets better.

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I have a boy that just turned 4 with lyme induced autism, when I treated him with GSE he spoke the next day. We have been doing naturals and antibiotics and he is off all and attending a daily ABA program and is a miracle.He is doing well and speaking.

My 7 year old girl was also born with lyme and she is under antibiotic treatment and herbal she is extreemely emotional and that seems to be when the bacteria stirs. We have seen marvelous results thru treatment.

I have also found it helpful to do a parasite cleanse.

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GcMAF has been seen to help in both autism and Lymes/CFS/ME type ailments. Google Dr Bradstreet for information on his treatment of autism using GcMAF where almost 80% of the children in his care have responded positively.



IF you can have your child tested for Methlyation problems, this makes everything much easier to treat, and the body will kick in to help heal faster.

( wished I had known this years ago, would have saved my child from so much distress, and lost years.). Treating for yeast is tricky if you use Duflcan some kids have a hard time with it, due to their geno mapping and methlyation markers.

Here is a list to help you find someone in your state, or close to you.



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