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The books are on order. I have read probably over a hundred replays to this condition. A lot of them are real bad and mentioned autism. So a lot have mentioned issues at school. So far I have not had any phone calls from school from issues. Thank goodness I try to lay low. So last week when I found out about spd of course ds the next day out of the blue says his head hurts while doing hw. He said his head always hurts and feels funny when doing homework. He has never mentioned this before. Of course something else for me to stress about. He has been doing well with grades thus far and his teacher mentioned that he takes longer on exams but finishes in time. He is very disorganized. So what is up with the headaches. Also he received a study guide today for test that is tommorow and I was annoyed b/c he had no time today with religious Ed and baseball. Anyway he tells me that they received one Wednesday but his teacher talks to fast and he can't write the answers down In time. So it is his fault for not getting it earlier. When I ask him to study he gets upset. He hates preparing for a test. It's torture. I feel like I am torturing him when I tell him to go into another room to study. Why is this and is their any easier ways to deal with hw and studying. He also constantly bites on his pencils and saids his teacher thinks its ok. He also sucks his shirt a lot when doing hw. Could this have to do with spd. He will also at times just fall to the ground . Crash into things b/c it's fun. But my main concern is school work . Does anyone else notice concerns with hw and exams.








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