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We recently started my son on inositol to help with his OCD while we continue to treat lyme and coinfections (strep seems to be under control at this point). He is taking 3 500 mg. tablets 3 times a day for a total of 4500 mg. per day. The doctor said not to be afraid to increase it, if needed.


For those of you whose children are on inositol, how milligrams did it take for you to seen results. Did you continue upping it until reaching bowel tolerance? Did it help? Did your child continue on it?


If you are using the powder form, would you please include how many milligrams are in each tsp. you give your child.

Thank you!

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My ds15 takes 2 500mg capsules a day - at the same time (dinner) each day. Tried spreading it out but a morning pill left him with an upset stomach. He does OK with this dose. Could it be better with more? Perhaps, but I am not yet feeling the need to up it.


Note: my son tends to react rather quickly to meds, so usually takes a smaller dose than other children.

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